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"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary gives us a fairytale"  - Melissa Brown, Picturing Perfect

Your big day...

Firstly, congratulations!  Chances are, if you're visiting my site and looking for a celebrant, you are likely planning a wedding or another special celebration!

It's so important to mark special occasions and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Your wedding ceremony is the most memorable ceremony that you will be part of; it symbolises the start of you and your partner's new lives together and should reflect your relationship and story.

It's my job to make your ceremony as personal and stress free as possible so that you can enjoy the whole experience!


Why have a celebrant ceremony?


Choosing an independent celebrant to host your ceremony ensures that you will have a wedding ceremony that is as individual as you are; one that reflects both your personalities!  

Celebrant wedding ceremonies give you the freedom to choose any venue - somewhere that is special to you.  This might be a beautiful beach, garden, mountain, castle or golf course!

You also have complete control over every aspect of the ceremony: music; readings; poems; and, of course, your wedding vows (although I can help with that too).

Special ceremony elements

Special ceremony elements are also sometimes referred to as 'rituals' and are additional elements incorporated into any ceremony.


These are lovely and unique ways to celebrate your union and enhance your ceremony and can involve any of your favourite things i.e. gin, whisky, chocolate, candles or flowers.


Some of the most popular ones are:  Wedding Band Warming; Unity Sand or Candle Ceremony; Tree Planting; Rose Ceremony; Wine Box / Love Letter; and Wine / Gin / Whisky / Quaich Ceremony.


Hand fasting can also be included in your ceremony - this ancient Pagan / Celtic tradition involves using cords or ribbons to join your hands together to symbolise the binding of your two lives and is where the phrase "tying the knot" originates from.  


It's a very popular symbolic and visual element.

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