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Vow Renewals

Love is forever, and should be celebrated. A great way to do this is by having a Vow Renewal ceremony.

Whether you didn’t have your dream wedding the first time around, want to celebrate a major anniversary, have gone through some major changes, or just want an excuse to declare your love for each other once more, Vow Renewal ceremonies are a great option.


Baby Naming

Baby Decorative Sign

Having a new baby is a pretty big deal and should be celebrated in style!

Formal christenings aren’t for everyone - you may not be religious or maybe you share different faiths.  So how can you welcome your new addition into the family and share the joy?  A naming ceremony is the perfect non-religious way to celebrate life and family; whether it is introducing a gorgeous new born, celebrating a blending of families, or welcoming an adopted child into the family.

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