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Frequently Asked Questions....

What is a celebrant led wedding?

Choosing a celebrant to lead your wedding allows you to overcome strict traditional restrictions that are found in religious and civil ceremonies.  You can get married literally anywhere you like!


It gives you the freedom to include anything you like in the ceremony - it can be religious or non-religious, incorporate traditional or non-traditional elements but will be highly bespoke and built around  your story as a couple and will be completely unique.  


Couples who choose celebrant led weddings often do so to make their wedding ceremony more reflective of who they are, and how they want their union to be.

Is the ceremony legal?

Short answer - no, not on its own.  A celebrant led wedding is beautifully bespoke and personal, but not legally binding.  You'll still need to go through the legal formalities at a registry office - think of it as 'wedding admin' - you are registering your intent to marry.

This must be done in all cases - whether you choose a registrar or Celebrant - as it enables the registration service to prepare your legal documentation and record the details of your marriage.


You can contact your local office and advise them of this, and state that you have already booked your Celebrant, and will just require a simple service to complete your paperwork and declarations.   This is then booked in on a date nearer your wedding day, usually the day before or day after. You are free however to choose when this takes place so book your legal signing in when it suits you.


It's generally short, inexpensive and is typically done a couple of days before your actual wedding.

The celebrant led ceremony is the personalised, fun-filled celebration with your loved ones and will signify your future wedding anniversary.

Do you travel?

Yes!  Although I'm based on Arran, I'm happy to travel to officiate your special day!

Can you help us with planning our wedding?

I can definitely help to develop your ideas and can make suggestions - I love planning! I won't be able to book suppliers on your behalf but I'll certainly be able to help out with local recommendations.

Are you insured?

Yes - I have full Public Liability Insurance.

What other celebrations do you do?

I will be involved in any big life events that deserve to be celebrated!  From Baby Naming ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Commitment ceremonies....anything really!

How much does it cost?

Included in my services:

  • A wedding workshop to find out ALL about you as a couple.  We will talk through all your thoughts and ideas for the ceremony and wedding in general – this will help me tailor the script and ceremony even more to your wants and needs. We can come up with ideas together to make your day as unique and special as possible! This typically wouldn’thappen more than 3 months before your Wedding Day.

  • Supporting you through the writing of your vows, providing more help if needed.

  • Approval of all ceremony drafts sent to you, to make sure that you are both completely happy with them!

  • A final script, performed on the day in front of your family and friends, and a copy typed up and given to you to treasure or frame.

  • A certificate for signing on the day (if required).

  • Arrival at least one hour before ceremony - remaining around for photos and videos, if wanted. When you book me for the day, that day is YOURS, so I won’t be rushing off to another wedding afterwards.

  • Check-ins throughout your planning process to make sure you are both doing ok and everything is on track.

From £550

(excludes additional elements, travel costs may apply)

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